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COVID-19 Disinfection Fog Machine

COVID-19 Disinfection Fog Machine

1. Description:

This product is a heating type disinfection fog machine, which can be used in various sterilization and deodorizing places. It has better use in indoor places such as cars, homes and offices. Beautiful desing, safe and convenient to use, multiple control methods are available. With a special heating disinfectant, the is not pungent, and the amount of fog is large, and quickly fills all the required slumps, drivers out viruses, and escorts your health.


2. Features:

Samall and round shape, easy to carry and use.

Remove disinfection, odor and formaldehyde.

Automatic temperature limit, safe, reliable.


There are 4 modes of this machine in total, which are remote control, wire control, timing, and automatic models. The structure of each machine will be slightly different. 


3. Technical Specifications


Disinfection Fog Machine


AC 220V/50Hz (AC 110/60Hz optional)



Control way:

Wire Control/Remote Control/Automatic/Timer

Liquid Capacity:


Cover Area:


Output Time:


Machine Size:

320x310x185 (LxWxH)

Package Size:

390x380x250 (LxWxH)





Re-heating time:




4. Operation Instructions:

1. Connect the power and turn it on, the power indicator light will turn on, and the machine will automatically enter the heating state. Heating about 3 minutes.

2. After heating, the green indicator light on the top of the machine lights up, and the same time, add 100mL of special disinfectant to the upper bottle of the machine.

3. Depending of the machine of the different control way, the operatiosn as follows:


1. Remote Control: Plug the remove receiver into the back of the machine, press any key on the remote control, and the machine starts to spray smoke.

2. Wire Control: Plug the remote controller into the back of the machine and press the button on the remoter controller, the machine starts to spray smoke.

3. Timing Control: Adjust the timing knob on the back of the machine as required (up to 5 minutes cand be set), and the machine starts to spray smoke.

4. Automatic Control: After turning on the power switch and heating up, the machine will automatically spray smoke.


4. The longest continuous smoke spray is about 20 seconds, an then it automatically enters the smoke spraying state again. As long as the smoke spray switch is turned on, the machine will cycle the above process.


Please Note:

1. This machine needs to use specific heated smoke disinfectant. Do not add non-heated disinfectants nor any other disinfectants.

2. The remote control can lock the smoke spray, and it will run automatically when the temperature is sufficient, and stop working until the temperature is insufficient, and make up the temperature. Repeat again and again.

3. The remote control cannot be locked. When the temperature is sufficient, you need to press any button on the remote control to start spraying. Release your hand, stop spraying.

4. When there is no liquid in the bottle, it is forbidden to start the machine to protect the oil pump and prolong the service life of the machine.

5. Disinfectant should be kept out the reach of children to avoid drinking and causing injury.


5. View Demo’s on YouTube


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